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  1. Sister Yvonne: Please receive my profound thanks for the blogs and the convenient posts to my e-mail address. “Reflection” and “My Mother’s Faith” (not sure if title is correct) are truly warm and inspiring. I love the ease with which your words flow to the heart and the head to inspire your readers. Please keep writing. I look forward to definitely reading the timeless treasures, even when I must occasionally refer to the archives….Grace and Peace….Nawanna L. Miller

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Pastor Miller. It’s much appreciated.

  3. Greetings Yvonne!
    What really is serendipity?
    Tonya is looking through obits on line for possible information on the final rite of passage for a dear family friend and notices blog links on the left side. She thinks…. What am I going to do about this blog thing…..? Is it my new release…? Is it the self-serving pulpit of color and humor I seek? What is Blogalicious and and, We are Black Women. For the moment it is a pleasant enough , possible spiritual deserved spiritual distraction from starting the work day.
    It simply is… the fact that, once again, just this morning, I was thinking about a small part of my life from more than 17 years ago. My mind drifted in the shower to an elder Ghanaian woman I met on the same day I met Greg Lamb. She was so vivid in her perspective and everything she said has manifested as true but for one sole reoccurring event. She, Faustina Augrey, once said to me that the drummers in Malcolm X park were just making noise. She lived across the street from the park. Almost every Sunday, I attend the drumming and I confirm that she underestimated, misunderstood and culturally orphaned the worthy drummers.
    Is it really serendipity that we still have the storybook you presented to me at my lonely third baby shower on U Street, in 2002? It rests in a prominent place in our home, waiting for others to pick it up so that I can show them your name and the inscription. Is it really serendipity that just this morning prior to stumbling upon your blog I thought about the fact that your husband had provided me with many exhausting stomach tightening laughs and unforgettable wisdom. Last Sunday, I shared with a friend of over thirty years that Greg Lamb taught me how to accept the fact that temporarily lost items will reveal themselves when they do.
    We’d –no- he’d- lose files and simply dismiss the event I considered to be a life altering tragedy with a comment that would make me laugh all the next day. “Greg….. where is the file for “Mr. X?” Hours later…. “Greg, did you find the file for Mr. X?” “Greg…. God Damn It, Mr. X is going to march into the Director’s office and complain. He says he has been calling since…….” After looking under his desk and searching through boxes in between lunch and three long breaks, Greg Lamb would always ultimately respond very calmly, “it will turn up eventually.” That response always stopped me right in my just out of law school, want to be efficient tracks and make me explode with laughter , laughter from a place -only Black women have-when we choose to be pleasantly defeated for the moment.
    Now, as a simply overwhelmed single mother, that mantra is one I often repeat to myself. “It will turn up eventually” provides me with great peace of mind. I just used the mantra Sunday when I realized that my new running shoes were not in my gym bag, the gym bag I’d been carrying for three months with the intent to make it to the gym. Flustered and fighting the compulsion to commit myself to an inpatient mental facility for carrying a gym bag absent running shoes for three months, I simply put the bag back in the car trunk and smiled in recognition that the shoes would eventually turn up someplace. And, they did. I found them this morning after my shower. They were in my closet, a place I should have noticed them each morning. I am living too fast. Living fast and absent authenticity complicates the gift of serendipity. I stopped and took a deep breath which calmed me and prepared me for the gift of spontaneously reviewing blogs later in the morning. I began with the anticipation that connecting through a blog is going to protect my authenticity, re-secure my warrior purpose and defeat fear/sin. Then I can be the skipping little girl in the picture I carry of myself when I was nine and carefree.
    I was also always so proud to see your daughter when she visited our office. She was clearly being raised so authentically with a love of self and regality. I loved her virgin hair and it was one of many seeds that renewed me. I remember the patience and unconditional love you both showered on your son and that is one of the many seeds that allows me to respect the odyssey of my own male child. Watching you parent through your silhouette provided me great joy and has reminded me that each authentic struggle element to the Black family is a jewel in the warrior crown. You and Greg are/were brilliant. You were/are my real life Cosbys. I thank you for that gift. May Goddess continue to bless all that you have done and all that you will do.

    Tonya M. Butler-Truesdale

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