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  • Everyday Inspiration from Sonsyrea
  • Everyday Inspiration from Sonsyrea
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    Soul Rythem

    Everyday Inspiration from Sonsyrea

    Some people love storms because they drive us indoors and give us time to reflect, connect, clean-up, etc. As Hurricane Irene approached I found myself doing some of both. I did a lot of reflecting as I prepared for the storm, and connected with people I met in line buying storm supplies. Then, after all that I discovered a few even more important things:

    * The corn meal I planned to use to fry fish in case frying chicken didn’t thrill me enough turned out to have expired – three years ago.

    * Two jars I planned to use to jazz up apple cinnamon bread I was baking was “best by” May 2011.

    *If the electricity goes out maybe I’ll take a flashlight and fish around in the cabinets for more old stuff that need to be tossed.

    * The most important discovery was that fried chicken and biscuits is more than enough survival food for two grown people. I have packed food and supplies like my mother would have packed for us ten kids. She was careful to serve breakfast foods for breakfast, lunch foods for lunch, etc. I don’t have to do that. In preparation for the next storm, I’ll grab some chicken and biscuits and call it a day.

    * I also discovered that the time of the storm was not the time for me to curl up in a corner with my Bible quivering in fear and remorse. It’s time for me to practice all the religious/spiritual beliefs I’ve read, revered, committed to memory over the years. It was time to be unafraid in the face of a storm, in the midst of a storm. It was time to be vigilant, cheerful, hopeful, faithful, optimistic, altruistic.

    I and my family were spared the ravages of the latest hurricane and came through it more prepared for the next one.  A couple days after Hurricane Irene, when the sun was bright and lovely again, and I was grateful that I had had the means and wherewithal to prepare for storms – weather ones and personal ones – I was delighted to hear Steve Harvey testifying about not only preparing for the worst in life but preparing, as well, for inevitable bursts of great opportunities in our lives.

    Are you ready for the downpours – of challenges and opportunities?


    Sonsyrea Tate Montgomery is the author of “Little X: Growing up in the Nation of Islam,” and “Do Me Twice: My Life After Islam.” Her latest book, a novel, “Capitol Madness: Working on Capitol Hill,” will be released in 2012. Her blog will appear on Soul Rhythms every Wednesday. You can also read her at Sonsyrea’s Blog.

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