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  • Everyday Inspiration from Sonsyrea
  • Everyday Inspiration from Sonsyrea
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    Soul Rythem

    Everyday Inspiration from Sonsyrea

    As part of my career exploration these days, I sometimes ask individuals about their jobs; why they do it; how long they’ve been doing it; whether they like it. I was speaking with a library clerk, who mentioned that she is retired from a career in management analysis, when I realized I have cheated myself.

    What does a management analyst do? Analyze what company executives or division leaders are doing wrong and offer suggestions for how to fix it.

    “How did you end up in that job?” I had asked.

    “I always had a knack for being able to look at something and see exactly what was wrong. I could look at a process and tell you how to make it better,” she explained.

    I left thinking that if I had gotten paid for all the bosses and companies I worked for and – analyzed, if I had gotten paid for all my suggestions to improve processes, I could be working part-time right about now, enjoying a retirement pension for all that hard work.

    I gave it away for free! Never again. My criticism will have to be earned, paid for. Otherwise I’m keeping it to myself. Nobody values free criticism anyway.


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