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    Soul Rythem

    Getting ready for a family reunion?

    Family reunion season is gearing up, and many of us will be gathering with relatives that we have not seen for years. Some of us enjoy those yearly or bi-annual gatherings as a time to reconnect with aunts and uncles and cousins that knew us when.

    Family members, whether close or distant,  connect us more deeply to who we are, where we came from and perhaps, even, where we are going in life.  Reunions provide a good time to learn about your history as well as to share food and fun with relatives. Some reunions also may even have their share of problems and fights like those seen in Tyler Perry’s movie, “Madea’s Family Reunion.” 

    I noticed this week that daily devotionals on Streaming Faith.com are about the importance of family. Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie, the presiding bishop of the 13th Episcopal District of the AME, offers insight about members of our biological families as well as those who are related to us through our belief and obedience to God.

    In her devotional on Streaming Faith, Bishop McKenzie talks about the different characters,  as well as characteristics,  found in our families.  For instance, I’ve certainly seen these two examples: “There’s the talker who doesn’t know when to keep quiet, and the joker who laughs too loud at his own jokes.”

    She also writes about family members found in the Bible, including some who were known for their flawed actions.

    “All of us have relatives, even Jesus,” Bishop McKenzie notes.  She then continues with this:

    “Jesus settles the issue by redefining the meaning of relatives. He widens the family circle by declaring that anyone who hears and does the word of God is His relative. Inclusion is not based on blood or adoptive relationship. Connectedness has nothing to do with rights or privileges granted by the laws of the land. Belonging is predicated upon obeying the word of God. This is the invitation to the family reunion.”

    As grateful as I am for the family into which I was born, I am much more thankful that I am, and many of my relatives are, also a part of God’s family. What about you?

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