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    Taking time to refocus

    Some days, like today, I have to push myself outside myself so that I don’t lose focus on the blessings that God has already given me, the trials that He has already brought me through.  When thoughts that have no purpose, other than to defeat me, try to crash in on me, I stop and resort to the one thing that  has brought me through test after test, time after time — I cry out to God in prayer. Talking to Him beats hearing me talk to me. 

     Others things I do to fortify my faith include: 

    • Reading the Psalms for direction, strength, comfort and revelation.  Psalm 23 remains the best for keeping me focused on who the Lord is to me.  Because He is my shepherd, I need not want, fret or fear.  Because He is my shepherd, I can know I am “Safe in His Arms.” (Listen to Vickie Winans sing the song. You’ll be blessed.)


    • Talking with friends or family who know how to encourage and help nudge me along.  I am fortunate to have loved ones who offer godly counsel when I need it and who won’t let me get away with the easy “I’m okay.”


    • Walking, which helps me expend worrisome energy and redirects my straying thoughts. As the Bible teaches, it’s important, especially in such times, to think on those things that are true, honest and of good report.  I use the few Scriptures  I have memorized, such 2 Corinthians 10:5, to tame my thoughts and centered them on God.


    •  Journaling when I don’t want to talk with anyone else, when I need to clarify my thoughts or when I want to write my prayers and conversations with God. By revisiting by journal entries, which I have been doing lately, I can see how God has answered prayers and worked things out in my favor. (I also notice  the things I have not done that I said I would do, but that’s another blog.)


    • Listening to music, which just delights my soul and transports to heavenly places. Two songs especially have ministered to my spirit today. I have been listening to “Drawer Me Deeper” by Rev. Kip Mickelson for weeks now and turned to it again this afternoon.  The entire CD is tender, soothing and inspiring. It remains just as fresh as it did when I purchased it from Rev. Mickelson several years ago at a local Baptist conference.  (I’ll post the lyrics to “Draw Me Deeper” when I find them.)  The other song that brought a smile to my face today is Indie Arie’s “Little Things.” She one of my favorite musicians and today her song helped push me outside myself and into a better space.

    What about you? What do you do to refocus your thoughts on God’s blessings?

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