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    Soul Rythem

    Monday musings on God, politics and creating change

     Today’s blog is not so much about the passage of the health care bill by the House Democrats as it is about the things in life that call us to step outside the comforts of what always has been and to create what needs to be. I’ve watched with some distress the political machinations and ugly recriminations that have taken place during the last 14 months of debate and public protests around this important topic. I took heart when I saw the President and Democratic leadership stand their ground, especially in these last few days.

    I wondered does God detest political posturing–in Congress, in churches, in workplaces– as much I do? Where was this vitriol really coming from over an issue that could help meet a critical need for so many citizens of  the freest nation in the world? Why the hatred, the name calling, the spitting? The fear? Had self entitlement so blinded people that they could not see beyond their own doorsteps?  

    People were praying for the passage of the bill; others were praying for its defeat.  Some were praying for God to strengthen and protect President Obama; others, included those prompted by two ministers, were praying for God to cause the President’s death. God, I wondered, are you seeing all this?  As  a country, are we moving closer to what  You desire for us or further away?

    Indeed the passage of this long-sought and hard-fought  legislation is historic. I am glad that the President. House speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic House leaders didn’t buckle under and do what was comfortable. More hard work remains before the naysayers are finally quieted, if they ever are. And, in the meantime, those of us who pray must continue to pay attention to what’s going on around us and  pray without ceasing for God’s protection, direction and revelation for our country and its leaders. 

    President Obama characterized last night’s vote this way before offering his benediction of “God bless America.”   

    “In the end what this day represents is another stone firmly laid in the foundation of the American dream,” the president said. “Tonight, we answered the call of history as so many generations of Americans have before us. When faced with crisis, we did not shrink from our challenges. We overcame them. We did not avoid our responsibilities, we embraced it. We did not fear our future, we shaped it.”

    What do you think?


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