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    Deepening faith through spiritual direction

    There was a time when I felt bereft of spiritual direction, even though I was attending church and was surrounded by other Christians. Some of the Bible studies I attended didn’t  seem to connect to the real-life concerns crowding my mind.   A couple of things change that for me. After encountering a woman with a beautiful spirit at a meeting, I became active in an intercessory prayer ministry that involved  people from several churches and began praying more consistently and intentionally. Though prayer, my faith journey has found new avenues of adventure. 
    Also, I began having more conversations with spiritually-grounded friends who helped me find answers to some of my questions and clarity for some of my concerns about my spiritual growth.  Along the way one friend, who then-worked at  the Shalem Institute in Bethesda, Md., told me  about a course that might help me discern what I felt God was calling me to do in the world.  I read about the course on spiritual direction in several Shalem newsletters, researched the topic on the Internet and put it on my list of things I would like to do. Since then, I have been enriched by attending events sponsored by Shalem, which offers programs, it says, to people “who want to open themselves more fully to God in their daily lives and work.”
     Spiritual direction is one that I may still do. My interest has been aroused again by a story a friend emailed  me this week. The Philadelphia Inquirer article  reports that spiritual direction is “an ancient practice with Christian roots that has recently seen a revival among contemporary seekers from all faiths, including some who don’t necessarily believe in God.”  It is well worth the read.
    Also take a look at the video Shalem posted on its site from one of its spiritual direction graduates that offers more insight into this practice.
     In my own quest for spiritual direction, I am constantly seeking guidance from the ultimate Source.  I know that the more I listen to God, the better  directions I will acquire for living my best life. I just have to follow them. I also know that God does speak through others to help us along our journey.
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