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    Soul Rythem

    Good news amid bad

    I went to sleep last night asking myself why I spent the moments before rest watching the news. I know it’s better to read the Bible or another faith-renewing book before retiring for the evening.  
    But the news junkie yet in me was drawn to the local broadcast, which as usual was depressing and filled with human tragedy, political conflict and weather disasters. I told myself this morning that I would have a news-free day.  That didn’t last long. While I did not turn on the television, I did fire up my computer.

    Fortunately for me, the first story to pique my interest was one on the AOL home page showing  the face of the young black man with the headline “‘He Didn’t Tell Anybody’; Secret This Man Kept Nearly Changed His Life.”      

                                                                                                   Demorris Davis

    The story gave me new hope and showed that it doesn’t take a lot of time to make a big difference in someone’s life. It just takes a willingness to do something when the moment presents itself.

    I like what campus minister Jason Speier said: “Every person has influence on a certain amount of people. We just wanted to use the influence to do something good.”

    With more consistency, I’m going to try to do just that.

    What about you? Are you using your influence to do something good for someone else today?

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